M/s. GG Pneumatics & Hydraulics manufactures complete range of pneumatics & hydraulics products namely

1) Filters, Regulators, Lubricators,
2) Pneumatics & Hydraulics Cylinders,
3) Solenoid & manually operated Valves,
4) Accessories - Flow Control Valve, Quick Exhaust Valve, Shuttle Valve, Non Return Valve etc.
5) Hydraulic Power Pack, panel board etc.

M/s. Gabriel Pneumatic & Hydraulics, Mumbai division of Iron & Metal Traders Pvt. Ltd. have been producing Pneumatic & Hydraulic items under GG brand for more than three decades. Over a period of time, quality of the product was established by strict quality measures at each stage from checking raw materials, stage inspection to the final components & assembly of the product. Each and every products must pass final physical inspection including pressure test which is done at pressures higher than the stamped test pressure before final issue. GG brand products are guaranteed for performance and complaints are a rarity.

M/s. Gabriel Pneumatic & Hydraulics discontinued manufacturing activities at Mumbai due to perennial labour problems and M/s GG Pneumatics & Hydraulics took up the manufacture, buying all the designs, technical know-how, the equipment and other manufacturing facilities from M/s. Gabriel Pneumatic & Hydraulics.

M/s GG Pneumatics & Hydraulics is an union of qualified technocrats having vast experience of several years in the same field.

Mr. Bipin V. Gosalia (B. E.& Elect., DBM) has an experience of more than 35 years. He was in Germany for No. of years where he acquired various type of experience from shop floor to design office. He was with M/s. Gabriel Pneumatics & Hydraulics division of Iron & Metal Traders Pvt. Ltd. for more than 25 years. He was an executive director looking after complete Manufacturing & Sales activities of the company.

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